joi, 11 noiembrie 2010

ASAP - cypriot (miss)understanding

We all know very well cypriots understand or missundertands things their own twisted laisy way, found something which nicely defines the ASAP.

ASAP – ‘as soon as possible’ in Cyprus it means ‘As Soon As Petros comes back from the cafenen with my medrio I will read the paper, visit the toilet, smoke a fag, close for a mid afternoon nap, forget that you needed anything and wait for your call the next day chasing me up’.

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miercuri, 28 iulie 2010

Marketing power

A very basic example of marketing and brand power over quality. Apple iPad still remains a crappy combination of usless large screen phone comparing to other apparently similar products which came on the market 7 years before, like the HP TC 1100 tablet PC (PC as in computer not phone :P)
The same way it is found that, in communicating with people, only 5% of what you say is important, the most relevant part of the communication (about 65%) is in the way you say it ... same marketing power.

duminică, 16 mai 2010

In the eye of the beholder

It's all in the eye of the beholder, and no, it's not only the beauty.
What makes the difference between a rich man and a poor man, what makes the difference between a leader or politician and the regular working class man?
It's all in the way you see around you, there is a lot of information passing by but for some (or most) the click comes too late.
Am sure many have frequent deja vu feelings about something, making the connections between two pieces of information too late, say Google surprise and said to yourself
"I knew it, if I only would have done this way or the other way ..."
Well, we have a history or at least a theory in helping ourselves to understand and classify the information better in such way that our decisions will be more and more accurate. We build tools.
All said, I actually just wanted to point you to a nice site, Someone who is experimenting in the interface design area building interesting views. There is an interesting one showing the earthquakes energy. On top of usefulness of the tools, he is doing it, well ... nice.
And since we are around statistics and information, you can also take a look on the new "wallstats" approach:

Latest released seems to be a really heavy poster about taxes but I believe you may like this more.

miercuri, 5 mai 2010

Cine ar vrea tiganii nostrii

Iete ca se intampla din nou. De data asta au avut noroc ca a fost un handicapat care se juca cu chibrite expirate.
In timpul asta, romanii sint tare mandrii ca au mai facut in pas in visa waiver pentru a intra si ei in America. Si asta dupa ani in care anumiti dobitoci se prostitueaza (dupa cum e descris de un papagal) pentru aceiasi americani superficiali si berbeci.

Pai nu mai bine vin ei americanii sa le pupe picioarele tiganilor nostri, cel mai probabil astia ar fii ciordit deja masina aia cu pricina din Times Square umpluta cu artificii si nu ar fii stiut nimeni chiar nimic despre ce s-ar fii putut intampla.
Oricum, la milioanele de nebuni si dereglati mintal din America, cateve zeci de mii de tiganii ar fii invizibili si in orice caz inofensivi. Eu as zice facem o ordonanta de urgenta pentru ca rromishori sa aiba prioritate la visa waiver, daca tot asta pare sa fie viitorul.

wtf, hai sictir mucles, s-avem bulan

vineri, 30 aprilie 2010

Longest photographic exposure - 6 months

Checkout the longest exposure done with a tin can.

miercuri, 24 iunie 2009

Atlas de specii cocalare romanesti - Romania trezeste-te !

Pe cand sint multe specii pe cale de disparitie, iata ca sint multe altele pe cale de aparitie. Din pacate asta pare a fii calea naturala, nu si cea dorita de noi toti.

Daca prin peripetiile tale ai descoperit si alte specii ...
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sâmbătă, 20 iunie 2009

Flight status

pt mine ... cand mai zbor ...

Flight Radar au facut un video despre cum arata zborurile cand vulcanul din Islanda nu s-a mai putut abtine.